Announcing PKAP

By jp - August 27, 2018

PKAuth is excited to announce PKAP, a new authentication protocol that makes logging into online services simple and secure. With PKAP, users no longer need to remember a different password for each website. Instead, users create a digital identity that stores a list of their authorized devices.

To login to a supported website, users unlock the identity on their device and the website can verify their identity. Users no longer need to remember a unique password for each website and cannot use weak, crackable passwords. Identities are encrypted on each device, so unlocking the identity requires physical access to the device and knowledge of the user. If a device is compromised, access to the device is easily revoked by removing that device from the list of authorized devices. Under the hood, PKAP leverages cryptography and digital signatures to prove users are who they say they are.

Check out this video demonstrating PKAP in practice.

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